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Bookings now Closed

Tickets available on the gate.

Day tickets also available

This year’s Sundara gathering will be held in a great location just on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

The main focus of this gathering will be Yoga, Bhakti, Dance, Sacred sound, Singing, Shamanic journeying, karma yoga and enjoying the company of like-minded people together – and of course having fun. We already have some amazing teachers and facilitators lined up for this event. Between them they have a diverse range of life experiences and knowledge and are willing to share what they know. We can all help each other on this journey we call life and we are certain there will be something for everyone.

This is a family friendly gathering and there will always be plenty to do, with some quiet space if you need it. Immersing yourself in this truly relaxed and happy atmosphere is sure to bring about transformation. Coming together in laughter, fun, peace, new friendship, divine creativity and of course love. So please do come and join us and let yourself be nurtured by all the divine beings around you. What could be more magical?

We have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. Sharing this space, eating and living together. The three meals that will be provided in the ticket price will be served in an ashram style, by some of the wonderful karma yogis, the food will be all organic where possible made with love so that our vibration and energies can be the best they can possibly be.

Everyone who comes and takes part in this gathering will have an opportunity to offer his or her service through seva/karma yoga. This is a fantastic opportunity to co-create the most awesome vibrations of giving, sharing, working and being together, sending out this energy into the ether, so that the ripples may go on and on and have lasting effects on all of us and those we share our lives with.

This will be a strictly drug and alcohol free event aiming to keep the energies as conscious as possible and holding a safe environment for anyone who comes.

We can’t wait to share in this experience with you, so excited by all the positive responses we  had by everyone who came last year and who can’t wait to come again this year. We are still pleased to invite under 8’s to the camp for free, and older children pay a minimal cost of just £45.

For booking onto this event please click here

For any questions please check our FAQs or feel free to send us an e-mail


In love and light John and Tanya

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