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About Sundara

Derived from the Sanskrit सुन्दर Sundara means beautiful, graceful. Dara means strong, determined. It is also another name for the Hindu god Krishna who is the embodiment of love itself. The true meaning of Sundara is one that we feel should be felt in the heart.

We draw on the strength of the name Sundara, to bring about a new intention each year, stepping into the flow, working together to bring about a newer more present vision. Stepping more and more in to the golden age of an enlightened world.

A place where we can all live in harmony together learning acceptance of one another, sharing wisdom and knowledge, facing our difficulties and challenges together and embracing all that is.

We wholly encourage anyone who comes to Sundara to step fully awake into their true nature, presenting their truth to be honored by us all.

No prejudices. Faith that all being are equal, no one left behind.

With this in place everyone is free to be who they are in a safe, supported environment, held with love and peace, honor and integrity.

Sundara is a conscious camp which means it is a strictly drug and alcohol free event. This enables us to open fully to our soul path.

 “We wanted to create a space that allowed people to come together and share, our intention was for the camp to be a sacred held space with no drugs or alcohol, somewhere that families and individuals can come and know that everyone is there to learn, grow and support each other.  With the main focus of this gathering being Yoga, Bhakti, Dance, Sacred sound, Singing, Shamanic journeying, karma yoga and enjoying the company of like-minded people together - and of course having fun. We also felt that enabling people to eat good wholesome vegetarian food together and having the opportunity to help prepare and serve it would bring about that community feeling. Coming together in laughter, fun, peace, new friendship, divine creativity and of course love.”  

John &Tanya Carter

So please do come and join us and let yourself be nurtured by all the divine beings around you. What could be more magical?

We have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. Sharing this space, eating and living together.