Abhijeeta Saraswati Yogi

I am a devoted yoga teacher, energy healer & body-worker, mother, contemporary priestess, truth-seeker, faith-walker, nature-lover, food-grower, practical mystic, medicine woman and passionate lover of life.

Spiralling together womb yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound, movement, tantra, energy work, menstrual cycle medicine, ancient vedic havan (fire ceremony) with my own deep well of intuitive feminine wisdom, I facilitate sacred women’s circles, workshops, retreats and 1-2-1 private sessions where we can remember our innate feminine wisdom, transform and heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim our power as women.

For many years, and particularly since my initiation into motherhood, I have been passionate about empowering women to activate and heal their wombs to realise their full potential. Women who are in deep womb resonance will birth a new human society that will restore our connection to the web of life over time.  When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.  Women Change = World Change.  This is the role of sisterhoods – to generate Shakti and in doing so, transmute suffering in both men & women. Sacred women’s work is my love, my joy, my passion and my calling. I invite you to come home to your ‘woman’ and burst the bud of your creativity within.  It’s truly TIME for the empowered woman to shine forth and bring her gifts into the world!



‘Real life is bhakti, yoga & service’ 

Swami Satyananda Saraswati