Amanda was first introduced to yoga at the age of nine having already lived many childhood experiences of “God as Nature”.  In her early 20s she began studying Shamanism formally which showed her that life, yoga, nature and God/dess are inseparable.  

Having studied with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers then Native American shamanic teachers during the 1980s, Amanda led workshops and retreats on healing, yoga, soul retrieval, Spirit consciousness and health and wellbeing throughout the 90s.

After taking a break from teaching during the early years of family life, her shamanic and healing expertise dominated her teaching world until 2018 when she moved to Brazil.

Four years of unexpected locked down living in the shamanic community of Terra Mirim in Brazil changed Amanda’s world in every manner possible and, a million deaths and rebirths later, Amanda returned to England as an initiated Sacerdotisa, or Priestess, of the Sweat Lodge and the incredible Medicines of the Four Elements.

Amanda’s teaching remains anchored in love and transformation, focusing on supporting humans to raise consciousness by returning to Nature wherever possible.

She is on the crew of several of the country’s outdoor Gatherings, committed to spreading a new paradigm bringing an attitude of devotional service to life. Amanda is a qualified Laughter Yoga facilitator and regularly leads sweat lodges, Women’s Circles, nidra retweets and Four Element Retreats.

Her book and course, Grandmother Spider and the Four Elements is almost ready to be released!