Carole StaggTransformation Coach

Carole Stagg MSc, MA RCA is a Positive Psychologist and Transformation Coach. She is trained in Art therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and has been coaching 1-1 and in groups for over 15 years in a wide range of contexts including the public, voluntary and corporate sector. She is the Architect of a successful Health Coaching service delivered in London GP Practices, which has underpinned current Health Coaching practice in the sector.

She worked for over 25 years in Arts in Health as a Project Manager, Course and program deisgnerand Lead Artist, facilitating the positive transition of individuals, group and communities. She has been the creator of a number of psycho-educational interventions and co-authored a range of public health resources and publications promoting mental health and wellbeing for various audiences within the population.

A keen advocate of “Getting Older and Growing Stronger’, she is a plant based athlete, cold water swimmer and an advanced  yogini of approaching 50 years of practice.