Tui Na Chinese Massage

Tui Na is a Chinese therapeutic massage system that has evolved over a period of 4,500 years. Most if not all Western massage has come from it.

The range of techniques available to a trained practitioner is very wide, ranging from very gentle and subtle to strong and physical, depending on the patient and their problem. Towels, silk scarves and wooden rods can be used assist the hands when it is felt to be appropriate.

Dave Phillipps

Dave qualified as a Pharmacist and worked in retail for many years. He has been studying the Taoist Arts for over 25 years  and has trained with one of the most highly respected practitioners. The Tai Chi and Chi Gung feed into and inform his massage practise, allowing him to offer exercises for the patient to practise by themselves, that will help alleviate the problem they may have come for.

Dave is also a regular on the Camp scene, having been attending Rainbow camps for the last 20 years.