DevamurtiTantric nomad

I am trained in classical tantric yoga – Satyananda (4 month residential yogic studies certificate training) / Agama  (500 hr TTC + CPD) / Hridaya (numerous silent retreats) and diverse meditation systems including yogic, Buddhist and non-denominational methodologies. 

My main teacher is Adyashanti and as well as his retreats and satsangs, I have participated in long Zen style meditation retreats and numerous personal retreats in various continents. 

For around twenty years my spiritual path has led me to live an almost exclusively nomadic life; studying with spiritual teachers, receiving darshan from masters, working therapeutically with shadow and trauma and applying myself to the path of healing and awakening.

My teachings are directed primarily towards Chit Shakti Vidya. I am a teacher of both meditative self-enquiry rooted in the non-dual Shaivic traditions and embodied, tantric yoga spanning from cleansing kriyas to deep pratyahara techniques. My classes include asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha focussing on sensate somatic insight and inner states of consciousness.

Using the technique of yoga nidra I guide guru pujas, healing and soul retrieval journeys drawing from the wisdom of the shamanic traditions of both the east and the west.

I am a senior trainee psychotherapist in mindfulness core-process mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

My classes are suited to practitioners of all levels.