Emma RelphDancer Astrologer

Dances of Universal Peace: sacred songdance is a beautiful way to meet people you have been doing yoga with. within the circular dances we meet several partners, exchanging with each the blessings of the touch, the glance, and the heart. We sing beautiful mantric melodies, and move with gentle rhythmic steps side to side and in and out, making a a dancing mandala. Our arms form the shapes of the devotional gestures of the heart and soul. This practice originated in San Francisco in the 1960s when Samuel Lewis an American Sufi Master, disciple of Hazraat Inayaat Khan, who taught his flower power students how to develop reverence and discipline as a necessity for feeling the bliss of the Divine. It is a great joy to do these dances and a wonderful way to come together as One.

“Astrological Therapy” brings awareness to the operation of the 7 classical planetary functions in our lives.  In my astrology workshops we will become keenly aware of the qualities of each planet and how healthily it is operating within our personalities.  Do we have a deficiency or even an excess of any quality and how can we better attune to the pure virtues of the planet functioning in balance.  (A healthy Mars energy gives us dynamism and capacity to execute clear incisive action and unhealthy Mars leads to aggressive, intrusive, forecefulness.  A healthy Moon vibration allows us to rest and replenish and nurture ourselves and others, and unhealthy Moon leads to clinging to comfort and perhaps hiding away at home, avoiding healthy challenges.  I have been working as an astrological counsellor for 12 years and have also trained in humanistic psychotherapy. www.astroyoga.co.uk