Har Nal, born in London, and grew up in the countryside. She remembers how she loved spending hours alone as a child:  listening to the trees and the silence, without the slightest fear. She was convinced that an invisible force existed in everything, though she couldn’t explain it. Her contemplative nature led her to work in the realm of photography, until Kundalini Yoga emerged in her life in 1998.

She immersed herself in her practice.  Which took her to live in an ashram in France for 10 years, where she created and managed many of the courses offered.  She also runs a Kundalini Yoga training in UK.

Furthermore, through her ability to read energy Har Nal has developed her healing gift.  She now offers Universal Ray Healings (a process offered through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of Light), Amanae (emotional body release work) and Inner Child work