Jen McCartyVoice Activator

Jen McCarty, is one the UK’s leading Spiritual entrepreneurs, Love Coach and multiple bestselling Author who teaches millions about empowerment, self-love and the Divine Feminine. 

She’s helped anyone from visionary entrepreneurs to spiritually curious women to bewildered normal people. 

Throwback 10-years,  Jen was a single-mother running a successful fashion brand. Jen’s  career change had been in  progress since she received strong guidance whilst chanting on top of a Himalayan mountain 21-years of age. It was then she felt the presence of many notable beings including Bob Marley to Gandhi that showed Jen her power to heal others. She then spent years learning everything she teaches her audience today.

After the launch of Jen’s latest book, No More Crumbs, Jen’s next mission is to awaken the Divine Feminine and help as many women as possible own their self-worth in all areas of their life.  Her last book, Twin Flames &The Event, generated raving fans and a write-up by the Mail Online.