Jenni Sukhdeep KaurKundlinist

Having found Kundalini Yoga during my late teenage years, I have been now teaching in Brighton, India and Staffordshire for the last 5 years. It has been a dream come true to be able to share these powerful, direct and transformative teachings to so many beings. Kundalini Yoga carries ancient tools for modern living to help us navigate our way through, in relation to our Self or Sat Nam. We ignite the fire inside to clear through our “stuff”, unload the subconscious mind and find balance in our glandular and hormonal system. My classes are focused on releasing old patterns and expanding consciousness through direct experience. By waking up to Sat Nam, we become Self-Empowered, trusting in life so we can share our most precious Gifts.

As well as yoga, raw cacao has been a catalyst to open my heart and connect me with the most beautiful people. We share the teachings of cacao through Mr Popple’s Chocolate which we sell around England. We also offer raw chocolate workshops.

Various teacher’s have guided me along the way, reflecting the true Infinite nature of the Self through Satsang and self-enquiry.

I offer my self through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and will meet you there, in the challenge or the stillness.

Movement is my medicine, and I enjoy all kinds of dance, cycling and yoga. I also am a big fan of resting and eating chocolate. Can’t wait to meet you.