Jess Lucas Herbal Colossus

Jess runs Herbal Ways, a holistic massage and herbal medicine business based in the Forest of Dean.

‘I discovered my love and interest in health and natural ways of being whilst studying massage and aromatherapy at college. This is where my journey began and it took me on a long path which lead me to completing a course and qualifying in herbal medicine. But the journey did not stop there, in fact I am still on that journey today, as I learn more and more about the connectedness between us, nature, spirit and health.

I run workshops throughout the year on seasonal herbs; helping to identify wild plants, making medicines and ointments and I also host herb walks for groups. I recently went into my daughter’s school to talk about herbal medicine too for their botany class.

So, with this year’s camp mantra being; ‘Breathing into the sacred space of life,’ I thought I would take you on a journey of discovery involving plants and the Chakras. Learn about how plants can have a role in balancing and supporting the chakras.

Plants work on a chemical / physical level but they also work on an energetic & spiritual level. So, with that in mind we will look at which plants influence our chakras and how to use those plants. We will sit quietly with the plants, whilst focusing on our chakras and see what information we can receive, working intuitively and learning to listen to our needs.

The session will be limited to 15 people and it will include some breathing practices and meditative work focusing on the chakras, working intuitively with the plants. This will involve touching, smelling and maybe even tasting the plant, working on one chakra at a time and then discussing our discoveries.