Jewels WingfieldShamanic Earth Based Change Agent

Jewels has been a leading light and catalyst for personal and collective transformation, for over 30 years. She has worked with thousands of people over this time, transforming the lives of individuals and couples. She has been referred to as a soul alchemist, an earth steward, a womb-wisdom keeper, and a wild force of nature, her workshops will be inspiring, fascinating, totally unique and she welcomes people from all walks of life equally.


Ancient Sacred Womb mystery teachings for anyone who is curious how the cycles in nature and the cycles of women’s womb are connected and reclaim our ancient indigenous spiritual teachings from these lands. Everyone is welcome, for women it will connect to your authentic self, for men it will help you understand women more and for everyone it will bring more connection and understanding of the deep feminine current that moves in us.

Circles of Belonging

This workshop offer an experiential exploration of how we can connect with others in a deeper more authentic way, without apology, guilt or shame. It invites us to let the heart guide us in how we interact and with our own power at the cetnre of our relating. It welcomes everyone no matter how you feel or who you are. It will be held strongly by Jewels and you will be able to choose each step of the way how you want to be.