Lindi LuYogini

Children’s Workshop Leader

My main profession is teaching yoga to adults, so, having the opportunity to work with the children at yoga camps and festivals is such a treat.

I absolutely love working with kids as it gives me the chance to become like a child, to laugh, to be creative, to let go, to be silly, to have fun. Seeing the world through the eyes of children is such a ‘wake up call’ for me, as it reconnects me to the essence of life.

This year for the first time we will be holding a children’s talent show, this will be a great opportunity for the children to contribute something to the camp and to be applauded and uplifted by the audience.

A Note For Parents

For the children’s show all acts, skills, offerings, small or large are welcome. If your child knows in advance what they wish to offer in the show, do bring any props, materials you will need. Also, if you have any stuff you wish to donate to the dressing up box, contributions are welcome.

As apart of the show we are going to be encouraging DRESSING UP therefore, do bring your dressing up clothes, children and adults that is.