Biodanza translates as the dance of life. It is a beautiful movement system designed to support out growth towards expressing our full potential as humans, so that we experience aliveness and connection with ourselves, each other and the cosmos.

There are no specific steps and you require no experience in a dance: my teacher used to say that all you need to participate is a beating heart 🙂 Lit has been facilitating Biodanza since 2014 and since then she has taught in festivals and large gatherings including at the Love Sex and Intimacy Fair (Brighton) the Mind Body Spirit Festival (London), Osho Leela (Dorset) Brighton, Sundara (Westbury on Severn) and she has run regular classes in Brighton, Forest Row and also online during the pandemic. Lit also set up Biodanza in the NHS for people with neurological disabilities. Lit has done a range of extensions in Biodanza including with Antonio Sarpe (Differentiating Classes for developmental stages of the group) Monica Turco (Children and Adolescents) and Sergio Cruz (Music). Lit’s classes are warmly held as she is a psychologist by profession and so has been working with people one to one and in groups for 15 years. Lit’s therapy practice is called Embodied Psychology ( and she has recently begun training in Yoga Nidra with Ally Boothroyd of Canada. This year at Sundara Lit will be facilitating Biodanza and will be very happy to also offer a Yoga Nidra practice space.