Luke DonnellyMovementeerist

From physical enquires into movement as spiral harmonic power (Holistic Boxing), breaking free from self-limiting smallness through warrior embodiment (Sacred Warrior Dance), and deep self-reflection through reality as a constant mirror of self and the archetypal constructs of self (Share Circles – Mens-Mixed-Sun-Moon), Luke delivers his work from a deep knowing in his bones. His background includes martial arts, yoga, meditation, throat singing, light language, mythology and chakra activations. Luke is dedicated to creating a Conscious Manchester through his TribeGaia project where he promotes conscious workshops for the city. He can be found at, on facebook (Luke Donnelly – Sacred Warrior Dance) and at many of the summer conscious festivals.

Workshop: Sacred Warrior Dance

Connect to your inner warrior and experience yourself as Giant! Using the great fire of the roar, we’ll blast open the solar plexus, clear our energy field and reclaim our power. You’ll radiate with life as collectively we cook up the energy in the space to powerful tribal sound, before taking the fully expressed roar into the dance and embrace the freedom to be seen and heard. Burn away that which stops you from being witnessed, experience yourself as giant and take that embodied experience with you for a more fearlessly self expressed life.