Madhava and GunaKirtan Musicians

Madhava is a fully qualified and insured Sound Healing Practitioner with the Sound Healing Academy (SHA) who areapproved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and abides by their standards of practice and code of ethics. 

Madhava was raised in a monastery in India where he began his journey with sound vibration connecting with meditation and the chanting of sacred mantras. With a love of singing kirtan and bhajan from a young age he went on to learn how to play the harmonium and clay mrdanga drum. Moving back to his home in England he was drawn to training in a variety of complimentary therapies, he has studied massage, reiki, natural holistic healing, CBT and more.

Later becoming a singer / songwriter who fuses together his Indian mantra influence with Western music and lyrics to form conscious and heartfelt sounds. Madhava offers regular kirtan mantra chanting /singing workshops in his local area and takes his sharing circle to a wide variety of events, retreats and festivals. 

It was a natural progression for him to further his studies and experience of the healing power of sounds and he trained in the art of sound therapy. He continues to practice SHA’s powerful Integral Sound Healing technique combined with the sound of a wide variety of healing instruments.  This unique process is proven to be a highly effective form of vibrational energy medicine. 

Guna  his beautiful wife and magnificent magical assistant, meet her and feel the love.

Madhava, ,Guna and the band are dear to Sundara hearts. They bring a special quality to our close on Saturday night. With the most powerful healing and loving energy they will be holding our vision of connection through love, music, mantra, there are so many beautiful members to the band thar all play a special part in creating a vibrant soulful enchanting and playful kirtan. Allowing whoever takes part to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, unity and love.

With Gratitude