Patrick JeffsSound maker

Hi Sundara community,

We are a little family who are artists in residence at the Sounds of Light Mystery School in Guatemala. We work with the Alchemy of Sound, vibration, light and prayer to create a potent medicine as a way of being.

What we offer:
–  Heart coherence cocoa blessing.
–  Tantra of sound (an ancient Essene toning practice for clearing, centering, activating and aligning your energetic centres
within and around the body.)
–  Sacred chanting
–  Sound meditations and activations from different traditions that assist with rewiring the brain by untangling limited beliefs
–  A Peruvian whistling vessel ceremony

We will be sharing some of are daily practices from different traditions and lineages that enhance and assist the voice whilst
giving us the ability to tune into the feelings we unlock with the use of different tools and methods from these different timelines.

We wish to sing the world alive, tone codes of light into this plain and restore the balance by opening multidimensional portals for healing with the intention set for the highest good.

Come and play 🙂