Shaura HallThanker

About Shaura

The Lakota people and their traditions birthed Shaura back into a life she nearly lost and onto her spiritual path in Oregon in 2004. Since that time she has maintained a strong connection to ‘The People’ and undergone prayer ceremonies that have connected her deeply to the Earth and beyond. As a veteran sundancer her life and work reflects her prayer for creation. Her commitment to this prayer has taken her on learning journeys that have allowed her to make sense of how our physiological and energetic systems behave in this modern world.  In these explorations, she has learnt how to be a Reiki master; kundalini, yin and yoga nidra teacher; yoga therapist; therapeutic supervisor; therapeutic plant medicine facilitator; and has an ongoing BSc (hons) STEM.  She is parenting a boy of 15 and a body of works that use various methodologies to support the Human Awakening process.  

Pilamaya means “thank you” in the language of the Lakota, one of the tribes of First People of the North American Great Plains. Pilamaya yoga is an advanced teaching system that embodies gratitude for all aspects of life through diverse mind and body practices. Pilamaya is adaptogenic in that it is designed to attune to each particular group and direct the facilitator to what the consciousness of the group is calling for. 

In this workshop we will share a yoga practice that brings together components from hatha, kundalini, and yin yoga; yoga nidra; mediation; and working with sound. We will hear the voice of a drum as we learn to sing a Lakota gratitude song. We will connect to the frequency of our hearts—where gratitude lives. We will discuss the Seven Sacred Virtues that were given to the Lakota people by White Buffalo Calf Woman.  All of these practices will lead us to making a group prayer for the generations that are on this Earth, those that are yet to come, and for the Earth herself.