Simone ChesterArtist

Simone Chester is an Artist, Arts facilitator and Furniture maker. Simone runs ‘Chester Drawers’, a furniture shop in Birmingham from which she also facilitates and holds space in the  ‘Creative Goddess’ Art studio. The workshops help people connect with there creative flow and joy in a safe and inspirational environment. Using tools such as paint, collage, journaling, keeping sketchbooks and mark making to record life, tell stories, meditate, making sense by celebrating the creative flow in all of us. This creative flow makes us feel well, motivated and inspired. Using a shamanic perspective she helps participants unlock their creative flow and connect with their creative and visual language, helping them on their artistic journeys with an open heart making and drawing in a safe held space. Participants are free to make ‘their’ art, a basic energetic need in all of us by grounding and connecting with Great Spirit. Simone uses a ‘Free Flow’ method of working, through which participants will be inspired and guided to explore, mediate with colour, observation, simple art skills, mindfully flowing with art and working totally in the moment.

Session 1:  Connecting with natural objects: Flowers and Foliage / Nature.

Introduction: First we will look at the space, stimulus and materials by setting intentions, a poem and shamanically grounding ourselves. Next is to explore and ‘Do’ the paintings, connect with natural objects and do a free flow of 5 minutes, building up layers and then longer timed pieces with demos at each stage to show options and possibilities.

Session 2: Draw your Space: large free drawing 

Reacting to a quote from Barbra Hepworth about abstract drawing, a simple introduction to why we make marks and draw, we will start with a Crawl of the Site to find inspiration to simulate our work which is abundant on the Sundara site!, this can be sound , objects or feelings. 

After a brief introduction to large pieces of paper and out space and different mediums we will let go and flow, with free reign to explore the space, enjoy and flow on a big scale to let our six year old.