Suleela Rebirther

Suleela will be drawing on her vast experience to offer two workshops:

Family Acro yoga:

” Join the fun: Come along with brothers, sisters, Mums, Dads &  friends to Create awesome Human Buildings, learn to safely stand on shoulders, go upside down in new & interesting ways & develop your mobility, core strength and TRUST in others.”

The Breathe of Life

Rebirthing/ Conscious Connected Breathing  ” The PRACTICE OF CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATHING is very natural, it involves connecting the inhale to the exhale in a continuous cycle for an hour. There is no painful holding or controlling of the Exhale in this process. Be prepared to feel renewed afterwards as your Energy Body will be cleansed & cleared of incomplete energy cycles that were suppressed deeply inside your Being”.

PREREQUISITES: Open to anyone who:

a/ Has formerly experienced  either a 1 -1 Rebirthing or Holotropic Breathing session.

b/ Is in sound Mental Health.

c/ Is willing to “Buddy up” with another so as to receive guidance from their Buddy whilst


She will also be offering 1 – 1 Body Therapies in her octangular Healing tent

REBIRTHING PROCESS @ 90 minutes at £35.

1/2 Hour Deep tissue/Emmett  at £15,

45 minutes at £25 .

1 hour at £30.