Having started my yoga journey over twenty years ago, originally with Iyengar discipline, I came to love every type of yoga realising they all led to the same path anyway. In 2004 I spent a year in India immersed in the yogic traditions and lifestyle, learning an enormous amount along the way. Amongst other studies I completed three months Teacher Training in the Ashtanga Discipline with Masterji nephew of well renowned founder of Ashtanga Yoga Pattabhi Jois, who is truly an amazing spiritual being, raising consciousness for all humanity by his teachings. I have since then gone on to train in pregnancy and post natal yoga which has been enourmously rewarding. I am currently studying Kundalini yoga and have completed my Level 1 Teacher Training, and am currently undertaking my Level 2. I offer all these styles of yoga to anyone who is keen to step onto this amazing lifelong journey getting to know themselves for who they truly are. As I learn, so do my students. I hope to share everything I know with all of you who want to learn and may our journey of enlightenment together be a fulfilling one, shared with the love and passion and compassion I have learnt from the many teachers in my life including my amazing husband and children who have supported me without failing and without whom I would not have been able to dedicate so much of my time, putting in to practice what I whole heartedly believe to be the true way to live our lives, in peace truth simplicity and love.

“Be the light that shines bright so that others may see and choose to follow.”

Silence Speaks
“In silence she sat
In stillness she wept
Were the tears of joy or sorrow
Who would know
Were they not just a reminder of the vastness from once she came
Only to return home again
In silence she sat
In stillness she wept
Nothing changed
Nothing ever will
Wait… Listen…. Be Silent Be Still.”