Trish Tucker MayNutritionist

Nourish and heal your gut Nutrition Gut Specialist, helping you to nourish, feel confident and pain free.

Trish helps you transition through big hormone changes and restores balance by nourishing the gut. 

Trish is an award winning nutritionist and Author of Nourish Your Gut . She provides the tools to make informed and empowered decisions to take charge of your health. 

Trish was awarded the Total Wellness UK Nutritionist of the Year 2019. She also won Gold in Janey Loves Wellness Industry Awards 2020.

Trish studied as a Nutritionist with the Nutritional Healing Foundation. She runs a clinic from her home in Minchinhampton, where she helps women with digestive problems. She is passionate about using vibrant foods and natural remedies to nourish and heal. Her vision is to educate, inspire, and support women and help them feel more confident, pain free, and fantastic at every phase of life. She loves sharing her knowledge in workshops, retreats, and the Time to Nourish programs.