Lyndsey Vandita SpinksHolder of the fire/Activist/Sacred Warrior

Vandita believes that by realising our true nature as eternal and bringing the sacred into whatever we do, we can become resilient and a force for goodness in the world.

Her background lies in environmental and social justice, a journey that took her to South America in her 20s where she spent time with indigenous communities in the Andes and Amazon.  

Due to burn out in her early thirties, she travelled to India to seek healing and was blessed to meet Amma, known worldwide as the Hugging Saint.  This changed her life overnight and put her on to the devotional path of Bhakti Yoga and the unfolding path of Sanatana Dharma – the Eternal Law.

Chanting with the harmonium in particular and rituals such as fire ceremonies became a key part of her life and helped to navigate huge internal changes. Fire ceremonies such as Havan have been the focal point of community gatherings for millennia and act as a conduit between the Earth and other realms. We offer to the fire and pray to help our healing and transformation and to maintain balance within our communities and therefore on planet Earth. 

Vandita continues her connection with indigenous communities in South America and supports indigenous women and their traditions through her project, Sacha Spirit and shares her path with those seeking truth and healing.