Veronika PenaShakti Co-ordinator

I have been a yoga teacher for 25 years. I am a yoga teacher trainer and specialise in many areas of yoga as well as offering Physical therapy and Empowerment Coaching.

I help take women wanting to move out of trauma and reclaim their authentic selves go from feeling powerless and under supported to manifesting their true potential and transforming their body and mind. 

I understand that we can be as stuck in our bodies as we are in our minds. I approach empowerment work through the release of limiting, trauma held neurological holding patterns in the body.

I believe your success in living your fullest life can be found through something called ‘The Holistic Empowerment Toolkit ‘ It’s a powerful, new and unique system to help you achieve your life’s purpose and full potential.

My workshops will give you an insight into how the Toolkit fits together: body work, coaching and empowerment. You will leave with easy tools for life. All are welcome. The method is specifically women centred however all feminine aspects are welcome!